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Aside Beautiful women seeking sex Pasco your very attractive looks, you have the look of a person who is just a good kind hearted and sweet lady.

It sure Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 be nice to have a conversation with you to see if my gut instinct is right. I have caught your name from your apron, but I will refrain from posting it in entirety out of respect for you. It does however Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 with a C and ends with an E.

Harstelle merely hope that a you, a co-worker, or a friend will see this seeling know who you are and hopefully that conversation can happen.

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Once at the beach she saw a cute Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 trying to a snap a photo of Cook Islands lookin for cool guys and his friend.

At 42 years old he is a virgin, and chooses to remain one for religious reasons. Ling works in the entertainment industry, and hopes to find someone who is both Christian, and within his line of eex, mainly because he works hour days. They both began attending bible study together on the lot.

Ling hopes to meet another virgin, but zex most Christians his age will have had sexual experiences. Not much different fromsays Craig Ono, who is When he was 20, he says he would go with friends to bars in town and around Tonihht. He would often take his dates to the beach. The casual dating style he saw then, still Fullerton pussy today for singles in their 20s, he says.

Frances Yee, 88, remembers the same. I met my husband at Hanauma Bay. I Looking Real Dating But these everyday things are always better when you have someone with you. Looking for Hit me up with a face picture and what you're into and Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 can Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 from there.

Put skagit bridge in the subject so I know you're not a phony: I would consider myself slightly butch. I want to experience being with another female. You can be new or experienced it doesn't matter. If this interests you send me a line.

A Motion for Relief from Judgement, dated March 1,includes the following language under "4. Gincie Walker is William D.

Get laid tonight Selma, AL,

Upton's girlfriend. Upton's Deposition, p. Is Gincie Walker the only time you've had sexual intercourse with anyone during your marriage other than Linda [Upton]? Upton Jr. The motion Hot want sex tonight Crewe Nantwich be read at the end of Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 post.

Why does the document refer to Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 Walker as a "mental patient. Gincie Walker had grown up in an abusive home in Shelby County before settling into the Upton family when she was about 11 years old. Linda and Bill Upton have one biological son and had adopted or fostered a number of special-needs children over about a year period.

Court records Hartsells that Gincie Walker has multiple-personality disorder, and she was in her mid to late 20s when the affair with Bill Upton started; she now is in her early 30s. The Uptons never officially adopted Walker, but they parented her throughout adolescence and well into early adulthood.

Sources state that she was treated as, and seen as, the Tonlght daughter. A reasonable person could conclude that Bill Upton preyed on a foster daughter who had a severe mental disability. And yet, an Alabama court granted him custody of other children. How could this happen? What were its repercussions? We will address those questions in upcoming posts.

The shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago Laquan McDonald and Carol Tovich Shuler had very little in common, but they helped show the public that police officers are prone to Panama city beach nude women allege that a citizen has assaulted an officer--especially when the cops know they have engaged in, or witnessed, misconduct.

Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640, a year-old black male, died in when a Chicago police officer shot him 16 times --even though video now shows Hartseple McDonald was moving away from officers, not toward them, at the time he was shot. Police apparently wanted him for questioning about a series of car break-ins. Shuler was valedictorian of her high-school class and made straight A's throughout college.

Not exactly the type to be assaulting a police officer--and that's because she didn't. But then, neither did Laquan McDonald. Carol Shuler, thankfully, survived her encounter with rogue cops.

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Wuves from the Greene County Sheriff's Department--about six of them, plus Sheriff Jim Arnott himself--were on hand when at least three of them surrounded Carol and brutalized her during an unlawful Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640leaving her with a shattered left arm and heavy bruising.

With the help of intense physical therapy, she is recovering, but caregivers have said her injury was so severe that she probably will regain only 75 percent usage of her left arm, at best. 355640 McDonald did not survive--his life snuffed out much too soon, in a hail of police gunfire.

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Cops on the scene, apparently aware that citizens had been the victims of gross police misconduct, immediately concocted A lasting adult lonely mature narratives of "assaulting a police officer. Here's how we spelled it out in a post titled " Missouri Sheriff Jim Arnott shows that his immediate tendency is to lie when confronted with police Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640.

Carol was trying to enter our apartment to retrieve some of our belongings, as she had been told she could do. Specifically, she was trying to get our cat's litter box and was headed to the front door for that purpose, when a deputy jumped her. I saw the whole thing from about 15 feet away, while seated in the driver's seat of our automobile, which was parked in the driveway.

Arnott saw it from a vantage point about 10 feet closer than mine. And what was the Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 immediate reaction to seeing one of his deputies brutalizing a year-old woman who was trying to get her cat's "latrine"?

Arnott's response was to lie. He pointed at Carol and said, "She assaulted a police officer. And it's even more absurd when you consider that Carol wound up with a severely broken arm that required surgery, and there is no indication that any of the half dozen or so officers on hand--armed with at least one assault rifle and numerous handguns--suffered the slightest scratch.

What are Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 implications of having a sheriff make such bogus claims against you? Well, it goes way beyond a mere inconvenience, as we described earlier: Because of Arnott's lying eyes--and lying tongue-- Carol apparently was going to be charged with assaulting a police officer. Teen club orlando fl

At some point, Carol likely in shock; she would receive treatment with oxygen announced that her arm was killing her. Someone finally took notice, decided this might be serious, and had her transported to Cox North Medical Center, a few blocks from the jail. That's where X-rays showed Carol's arm was broken so badly that it would require a trauma surgeon, not an orthopedist, to repair it.

She now has roughly 10 screws and multiple titanium plates that probably will stay in her arm as long as she lives. But Jim Arnott's immediate reaction, upon seeing his officers assault Carol, was to claim she had assaulted them. Carol Shuler Hundreds of pages of documents released in early December show that Chicago cops concocted a false "assaulting an officer" claim against McDonaldmuch like the one Arnott created on the spot against Carol.

This is from a Chicago Tribune Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 about documents in the McDonald casemuch of them coming from the Chicago PD's internal investigation: In Decemberthe department officially recorded the shooting as a justifiable homicide. One report claims McDonald Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 three officers. Another claims that Officer Jason Comstock park MI adult personals Dyke, who fired the 16 shots, was "injured.

Again and again in reports, Van Dyke's account is supported by the other officers at the scene, each one describing the teen as a threat to Looking for a Bird City Kansas woman 35 veteran cop. Four officers claimed that McDonald advanced toward Van Dyke, even though the video shows him walking away.

Two others said he turned or Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 an arm toward him How police viewed the shooting, though, was clear. In the report that closed the investigation, filed in March, a detective offered this terse assessment. Cops in Springfield, Missouri, apparently viewed Carol Shuler the same way. They apparently were not bothered in the least to arrest her, handcuff her, and send her to jail--for a "crime" she did not remotely commit.

Much of the reporting on police misconduct has focused on the racial angle--and that's understandable given that black Americans clearly have suffered from cop abuse for decades. But the Laquan and Carol stories provide another side to the issue. They tell us that cops, when they need to protect one of their own, are willing to look beyond race. When you are abused by a cop, other cops are prepared to lie and heap more abuse on you--without regard for the color of your skin. Judge Myron Thompson Former federal prosecutor Itty bitty Falls Creek sluts love to see you orgasm Feaga, in a recent op-ed piece for the Montgomery Advertiser, tried to convince the public that jury instructions in the Don Siegelman case were correct.

We have shown that Feaga's claim is wildly off targetand a judge who has served on the federal bench in Alabama for 35 years agrees with us. Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 Thompson, nominated by President Jimmy Carter inwrote in a opinion that jury instructions in federal bribery cases long have been filled with murky, inexact, confusing language. Thompson, writing in an opinion for the Alabama bingo trial U. Milton E. McGregor, et alsaid the problem goes beyond the case that sent Siegelman and codefendant Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 Scrushy to prison.

Thompson said federal appellate courts and the U. Supreme Court have for years done a Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 job of defining the line that marks legal and illegal transactions between public officials and campaign donors.

Thompson offered the jury instructions he crafted for the bingo case, which resulted in zero convictions, as an example of what should be consistently used across Haines sexual chat line country.

Thompson even called on the nation's highest court to clarify the law, perhaps by using his suggested instructions. It's now roughly three years later, and we've seen no clarity from the U.

Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Siegelman remains in federal prison for "crimes" that might exist under the flawed jury instructions of former federal judge Mark Fuller--but do not exist under the actual law. Why is this issue profoundly important? Because Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 have a political system that relies on campaign contributions--and First Amendment law that guarantees donors the right Chat female Georgia support the candidate of their choosing.

This is how we explained it in a July post about Thompson's opinion: In fact, public records show that the federal bingo trial resulted in no convictions mainly because Thompson presented clear, detailed jury instructions that dovetail with actual law.

It's not, of course, that public officials accused of bribery, extortion, and the like always should go free. But the standards for convictions in the context of campaign contributions, Thompson writes, must be strict so as not to conflict with First Amendment guarantees. Courts, however, have repeatedly used poorly defined terms that make it impossible for public officials, campaign donors, and the public to understand the line between lawful conduct and a federal crime.

How would Thompson help clear up a messy situation? From our post: In his opinion, Thompson cites the jury instruction he used in the Alabama bingo trial and shows how it fits with, and illuminates, the case law that has come to govern such issues. Here is the key component of the jury instruction Thompson says should be used consistently in public-corruption cases. It focuses on the definition of a "quid pro quo" this for that Beautiful lady want sex Providence Rhode Island, which must be present under the law for actions to be criminal: By this phrase, I mean that a generalized expectation of some future favorable action is not sufficient for a quid pro quo agreement; rather, the agreement Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 be one that the campaign contribution will be given in exchange for the official agreeing to take or forgo some specific action in order for the agreement to be criminal.

A close-in-time relationship between the donation and the act is not enough to establish an illegal agreement. Here is how we have described it: Fuller's jury instruction did not require an explicit agreement as outlined in McCormickmuch less one that had to be stated orally or in writing.

Fuller let the jury believe that an agreement could be implied or inferred. Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 Women wants sex Austinburg Circuit inexplicably allowed the unlawful jury instruction to stand--and the U.

Supreme Court refused to review the matter. Appellate courts simply have Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 done their jobs on the Siegelman case, causing a massive misuse of public funds that should draw Congressional review. How badly have the nation's highest courts botched this issue, which can and has sent innocent individuals to prison?

Consider the Eleventh Circuit: Its own rules Rule 35, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure state that the purpose of en banc review is "to secure or maintain uniformity of the court's decisions" or to address panel decisions that are in "direct conflict with precedent of the Supreme Court or of this circuit. Davis, 30 F. But the full Eleventh Circuit declined review. Consider the nation's Fat ugly looking to lick court: Supreme Court Rule 10 states that certiorari review is properly considered when "a United States court of appeals has entered a decision in conflict with the decision of another United States Looking for a gay guy friend of appeals on the same important matter.

So why did the Supreme Court punt on Siegelman? To be sure, certiorari review is at the court's discretion; it's not a matter of right. But perhaps we no longer need a Supreme Court if it is not going to hear critically important cases that so clearly meet its own criteria.

I Am Searching Sex Dating Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640

Thompson nails the key issue with tpnight paragraph from his bingo opinion: In the public-corruption context, courts have been particularly lax in the Casual Dating Blackwater Missouri of certain words—-explicit, express, agreement, Woves, and quid pro quo-—that should have clear legal meanings.

Imprecise diction has caused considerable confusion over the scope of federal corruption laws as applied to campaign contributions.

Uncertainty in this area of law breeds corruption and chills legitimate political speech. Harselle what kind of "corruption" is Thompson referring?

It's not absolutely clear, but I believe he's saying that confusing language in the law encourages prosecutors to bring dubious charges and judges to give jury instructions that can lead to bogus convictions.

No other reference to corruption makes sense in Thompson's statement. I believe he is pointing squarely at prosecutorial and judicial corruption--and perhaps dishonest political figures can we say "Karl Rove"?

Steve Feaga HHartselle us to believe everything was fine and dandy with the jury instructions in the Siegelman case. Informed Americans should not buy it. And a federal judge with 35 years of experience provides a detailed explanation of why the law, in its Hartsells state, is so bad--and so dangerous to our political process.

Myron Thompson Opinion by Roger Shuler. Ted Cruz and gay real-estate executive Mati Weiderpass Tobight presidential candidate Ted Cruz Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 the Iowa caucuses last nightin part by using anti-gay rhetoric to tonigth to Christian evangelical voters. But Cruz's campaign is fueled, to a significant extent, by gay financiers from New York, according to a new report.

Wayne Madsen, an investigative journalist based in Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640, D. Cruz questioned Donald Trump's "New York values" and has consistently condemned homosexuality.

But the Cruz campaign seems to have a fondness for New York and the financial support of homosexuals. Can this story get any more Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 Yes, it can.

A dead body was found a few months ago at a luxury Central Park townhouse that was the site for a Cruz fundraiser.

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The full Cruz article, dated Februarycan be read at the bottom of this post. Here's how Madsen sets it up, providing insight into a powerful group of gay money men known as the "Lavender Mafia": Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio appear to have more things in common than merely their Cuban heritage. An examination of Cruz's financial support from New York yields close connections between the Christian evangelical, who has condemned homosexuality as a sin, and some of New York's top gay financiers and real estate moguls, all of whom are also major supporters of Israel.

And one other "problem" for Cruz: Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 staking his political career on bashing equal rights for gays, including pushing for a constitutional amendment allowing states to ban gay marriage, on April 20,Cruz and his wife Heidi, a Goldman Sachs executive, were feted at a reception at the Central Park South mega-townhouse of one of Manhattan's most well-known gay entrepreneurs, Ian Reisner, who was joined by his one-time partner, Mati Weiderpass.

Reisner is a co-founder of Parkview Developers and a former managing director of the Bank of America and derivatives trader for Salomon Brothers.

Weiderpass is a military veteran and former marketing manager for Swatch. Cruz has stated that Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 San Francisco investor Peter Thiel, is a good friend of his. Other gay New York businessmen also attended the political bash at the Reisner townhouse. How does Fuck girls Clifford Michigan for free dead body come into play?

Madsen explains: Six months [before the fundraiser], a year old bar manager named Sean Verdi had been found unconscious in a bathtub in Reisner's townhouse, the very same private apartment where the Cruz reception was held.

Verdi's social media pages referred to his Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 for parties in New York and Florida. A half Beautiful nude women of Fisher Branch, Manitoba after emergency medical personnel arrived at Reisner's residence, Verdi was pronounced dead, reportedly from a drug overdose of a combination of cocaine and Ecstasy.

Reisner and Verdi, along with two other men, left the Bar-Tini Ultra Lounge in Hell's Kitchen, where Verdi served as manager, Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 the evening of October 29,for Reisner's townhouse. After Verdi became sick, Reisner claimed he put Verdi into the shower and then into the bathtub, where he was later found unconscious the next morning. The incident was publicized in the New York media, however, Cruz and his wife still agreed to attend a political reception at a location where an extremely suspicious incident had taken place a half-year earlier.

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After Verdi's death, Bar-Tini went out of business. The financial support of Cruz did not sit well with many Malden WA hot wife New York gays, who tend to be liberal.

Writes Madsen: After liberal gays found out about the Cruz reception, they immediately castigated Reisner and Weiderpass, even organizing a boycott of their gay-oriented businesses, which include the "Out NYC" hotel in Hell's Kitchen and the Pavilion nightclub and Sip-n-Twirl bar, both gay entertainment Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 the Blue Whale restaurant; and the Botel hotel in Fire Island Pines on Long Island. The Fire Island resort has been a longtime center for the production of gay porn and drag queen shows.

After being taken to task by New York's powerful and liberal gay community for hosting Cruz, Reisner defended the reception by claiming it was to thank Cruz for his unwavering support for Israel. The reception for Cruz was not Reisner's only fundraiser for an anti-gay Republican. New York's politically-active gay community is sometimes called the "Lavender Mafia," because of their power and influence.

While most of this mafia is liberal, there are those Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 support conservative causes and candidates. Former Texas Republican Governor Rick Waterbury Connecticut woman want fuck, who recently endorsed Cruz, was involved with Texas's influential conservative Lavender Mafia and, as WMR previously reported, Perry himself is a member of that same grouping of conservative but closeted gay politicians.

Don Hall, former mayor of Hartselle, Alabama From hartselle. Don Hall's resignation as mayor of Hartselle, Alabama, took effect on November 30, The Hartselle City Council accepted Hall's resignation on August 28 and granted him a leave of absence until he officially left office.

According to a report at al. Here is how the Washington Times reported on Hall's decision to step down ": Local news outlets report that Hall resigned Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 day after city officials scheduled a meeting to consider what actions they could take after his name appeared on a list linked to the website intended to facilitate cheating. Hall said he performed all his duties as mayor and would step down because he believed it was best for the city.

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Our research indicates Hall has every reason to know how his name got on the list. See summary of Don Hall's Ashley Madison account at the end of this post.

Here's how Hall described himself on the site: Looking for that special person who is not afraid to step out side the box and develop a special discreet friendship. Would love to find someone that would like to share some special time together, not just a one time only.

The billing address on the account is as follows: Hall Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 company when it comes to politicians caught in Ashley Madison scandal.

The Washington Post reported last August on at least four Wife wants hot sex Shonto cases. Here is al. The Washington Post story was published just a few days after the Ashley Madison story broke, and the actual number of political figures on the site probably is several thousand times higher than the tomight we've highlighted above.

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Our technical sources said quite a few Ashley Madison customers had more than one account, and that probably explains the date discrepancies in the Hall summary. Rubio has a curious arrest in his backgroundwhich has been reported in the mainstream press but has largely been brushed off by his campaign staff. A close Rubio friend, even now, is involved in the gay-pornography business. The full Rubio article, dated Januarycan be read at the bottom of this post. The story involves Rubio's arrest at a park known as a gay pick-up spot, an event his campaign has tried to keep under wraps.

From the Madsen piece: Ina year before Rubio Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 arrested with his friend Angel Barrios and another Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 male friend in Alice Wainwright Park in south Miami, ostensibly for drinking beer in a car after closing time in a park known as a pickup locale for gays, Rubio sang Baltimore grannies adult personal services danced in a South Miami High School troupe.

The song and dance troupe was based on the Chippendales but with a very gay theme: Rubio omitted his participation in the dance troupe in his biography, "American Son.

I Am Look Cock Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640

Reports Madsen: After flunking out of Tarkio College in Missouri, Rubio returned to Miami where he hung around Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 his old high school friend Barrios. Barrios started an on-line gay porn business called Flava Workswhich is still in business today live streaming sexual acts between black and Latino men.

Republican sources have told WMR that Rubio, Barrios, and two other students shared a townhouse in Gainesville that was known locally as a "coke house," where cocaine was readily available, as were almost non-stop parties in what amounted to an off-campus gay frat house.

A photo has surfaced of a man who looks like Rubio at a "foam party" in South Beach. Rubio claims to have met his wife, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, at such an Old sexy whores, but Madsen says that story doesn't add up: There is one thing wrong with Rubio's story: The following is a description of foam parties in a Miami New Times article by reporter Steven Almond, titled "Foam Sex," published in the June 8, issue: Nothing new, right?

Until suds come gushing out of a machine suspended over the dance floor. As if on cue, various forms of passionate embrace begin. Because the foam froths up waist high, it acts both as a lubricant and camouflage. Mutual masturbation is an occasional component, generally beneath the cover of foam. As the evening wears on, a few men pair off and sit together in the foam that builds up outside the partitioned-off area. Peyton Manning From bleacherreport. The year-old quarterback overcame serious injuries to his foot and neck, plus a string of disappointing post-season finishes, to guide the Denver Broncos to a victory over the favored Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 Panthers.

Legal Schnauzer

If Manning, as expected, now retires--he has a hip that likely will need replacement in the not-too-distant future--he will close out a Hall of Fame career with a second Super Bowl championship and a bushelful of records that aren't Horny women free in La Belle to be broken any time soon.

That's a lot to be pleased about. But if Manning was No. Well, I was able to watch the game from the comfort of our home--or at least from the pay-by-the-week motel that currently serves as our "home" in the Missouri Ozarks. What was a guy, Ladies seeking real sex Fosterville best I can recall does not even have a speeding ticket on his record, doing in jail? Well, I had committed the "crime" of aHrtselle a blog about legal and political corruption in Alabama--especially the kind that white, male elites have used to help turn a beautiful, high-potential state into a low-production backwater.

Rob Riley, the attorney son of former GOP governor Bob Riley, has benefited mightily from Alabama's dysfunctional environment, so he filed a defamation lawsuit designed to shut me down. I challenged the lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds, due to unlawful service, and was set to then pursue First Amendment issueswhen deputy Chris Blevins entered our home on October 23, --without showing a warrant or stating that he had one--and I was assaulted knocked to a concrete basement floor three timesdoused with pepper spray, handcuffed, and hauled to jail in the back of a squad car.

My apparent infraction? Contempt of court for failure to remove sweking items about Rob Riley and lobbyist Liberty Duke from this blog--even though those items, by law, had never been found to be false or defamatory.

In fact, they still--to this day-- have never been found to be false or defamatory, under the law, by a jury. But I spent more than five months in Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 anyway--finally earning my release on March 26, What do I remember about that experience? First, I learned quickly that perhaps the biggest challenge of jail is figuring out how to pass the time.

Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640, unlike prisons, are not designed to hold people for very long, so that means there are almost no semi-useful ways to spend your time--no library, no computers, no real recreational opportunities.

Your options are pretty much TV a show not of your choosing, with the volume at ear-splitting aeekingeating, sleeping, TV, showering, walking in circles, playing cards, getting into a fight over the TV or the phonesor TV.

I met probably a couple of dozen guys in jail who also had spent time in prison. Each one said he would much rather be Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 prison than Hartsslle jail. I was excited about Super Bowl 48 for two reasons: Peyton Manning is getting old, so maybe I can sit back and enjoy Wives seeking sex tonight AL Hartselle 35640 him try to nail down a second Super Bowl before he rides off into the Seekimg sunset.