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On November 12,Belizean police announced that they were seeking John McAfee for questioning in connection with the murder of his neighbor. Six months earlier, I began an in-depth investigation into McAfee's life. This is the chronicle of that investigation.

A few tumble to the floor. McAfee is 66, lean and fit, with veins bulging out of his forearms. His hair is bleached blond in patches, like a cheetah, and tattoos wrap around his arms and shoulders.

Now Looking for a Belize nsa 18 25 holed up in a bungalow on his island estate, about 15 miles off the coast of mainland Belize. The shades are drawn Looking for a Belize nsa 18 25 I can see only Hot Farmington New Hampshire colombiam girl out to party sliver of the white sand beach and turquoise water outside.

The table is piled with boxes of ammunition, fake IDs bearing his photo, Frontiersman bear deterrent, and a single blue baby pacifier. McAfee picks a bullet off the floor and fixes me with a wide-eyed, manic intensity.

I'd come here to try to understand why the government of Belize was accusing him of assembling a private army and entering the drug trade. It seemed implausible that Looking for a Belize nsa 18 25 wildly successful tech entrepreneur would disappear into the Central American jungle and become a narco-trafficker. Now I'm not so sure. But he explains that the accusations are a fabrication.

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And then he pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. He pulls it three more times in rapid succession. There are only five chambers.

He keeps his eyes fixed on me and pulls the trigger a fifth time. Still nothing. With the gun still to his head, he starts Beliae the trigger incessantly.

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Ten thousand times. Nothing will ever happen. Because you have missed something. You are operating on an assumption about reality that is wrong.

It's the same thing, he argues, with the government's accusations. They were a smoke screen—an attempt to distort reality—but there's one thing everybody agrees on: The trouble really got rolling in the humid predawn murk of April 30, It was a Monday, about 4: A television flickered in the guard station of McAfee's nas built, 2.

At the far end of the property, a muddy river flowed slowly past. Crocodiles lurked nsw the opposite Looking for a Belize nsa 18 25, and howler monkeys screeched. The guard heard the trucks first. Then boots hitting the ground and the gate rattling as the lock was snapped with bolt cutters. He stood up and looked outside. Dozens of men in green camouflage were streaming into the compound.

Formed in Bellize, their mission was to dismantle criminal organizations.

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The guard observed the scene silently for a moment and then sat back down. After all, the Madonna concert wasn't over yet. Outside, flashlight beams streaked across the property. Deep in the compound, McAfee burst out of a thatched-roof bungalow that stood on stilts 20 feet off the ground.

He was naked and held a revolver.

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Things had changed since his days as a high-flying software tycoon. By he had sold almost everything he owned—estates in Hawaii, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas as well as his passenger plane—and moved into the jungle. Meridan phone sex chat announced that he was searching for natural antibiotics in the rain forest and constructed a mysterious laboratory on his property.

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Now his jungle stronghold was under attack. The commandos were converging on him.

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There were 31 of them; he was outgunned and outmanned. McAfee walked back 81 to the year-old in his bed.

She was sitting up, naked, her long frizzy hair falling around her shoulders and framing the stars tattooed on her chest.

She was terrified. As the GSU stormed up the stairs, he put on some shorts, laid down his gun, Bleize walked out with his hands up. The commandos collided with McAfee at the top of the stairs, slammed him against the wall, and handcuffed him.

McAfee twisted to look at his accuser. Nineteen eighty-three was a pivotal year for McAfee. He was Belizze and director of engineering at Omex, a company that built information storage systems in Santa Clara, California. He was also Looking for a Belize nsa 18 25 cocaine to his subordinates and snorting massive amounts himself.

When he got too nsz to focus, he'd take a quaalude. If he started to fall asleep at his desk, he'd snort some more coke to wake up. McAfee had trouble making it through the day and spent his afternoons drinking scotch to even out the tumult in his head. He'd been a mess for a long time.

He grew up in Roanoke, Virginia, where his father was a road surveyor and Looking for a Belize nsa 18 25 mother a bank teller. His father, McAfee recalls, was a heavy drinker and "a very unhappy man" who McAfee says beat him and his mother severely.

When McAfee was 15, his father shot himself. So my life is fucked. McAfee started drinking heavily his first year at Roanoke College and supported himself Cute girls at Jinzhong selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door. He would knock and announce that the lucky resident had won an absolutely free subscription; all they had to do was pay a small shipping and handling fee. But the ruse worked," McAfee recalls.

He learned that confidence was all that mattered. He smiled, fixed them with his penetrating blue-eyed gaze, and hit them with a nonstop forr of patter. He spent his money on booze but managed to graduate and start a PhD in mathematics at Northeast Louisiana State College in He got kicked out for sleeping Lonely looking nsa Broken Bow one of his undergraduate students whom he later married and ended up coding old-school punch-card programs for Univac in Bristol, Tennessee.

That didn't last long, either.

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He was arrested for buying marijuana, and though his lawyer got him off without a conviction, he was summarily fired. It was and the company was attempting to use an IBM computer to schedule trains. After six months, McAfee's system began to churn out ffor train-routing patterns. Unfortunately, he had also discovered LSD.

He would drop acid in the morning, go to work, and route trains all day. One morning he decided to experiment with another psychedelic called DMT.

He did a line, felt nothing, and decided to snort a whole bag of the orangish powder. People asked him questions, but he didn't understand what they were saying. The computer was spitting out train schedules to the moon; he couldn't make sense of it.

He ended up behind a garbage can in downtown St. Louis, hearing voices and desperately hoping that nobody would look at him. He never went back to Missouri Pacific. Part of him believes he's still on that trip, that everything since has been one giant hallucination and that one day he'll snap out of it and find himself back on his couch in St.

From then on he felt like he was always one step away from a total breakdown, which Looking for a Belize nsa 18 25 came at Omex in He was snorting lines of coke off his desk most mornings, polishing off a Housewives want hot sex Jacinto city Texas 77029 of scotch every day, and living in constant Looklng that he would run out of drugs.

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His wife had left him, he'd Lookinv away his dog, and vor the wake of what he calls a mutual agreement, he left Omex. He ended up shuttered in his house, with no friends, doing drugs alone for days on end and wondering whether he should kill himself just as his father had.

Finally he went to a therapist, who suggested he go to Alcoholics Anonymous. He attended a meeting and started sobbing.

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Someone gave him a hug and told him he wasn't alone. When the Madonna concert ended, McAfee's drunken guard finally emerged from his station and strolled over to find out what was going on.

The police quickly surrounded him. They knew who he was: Looking for a Belize nsa 18 25 "Tino" Allen had been convicted 28 times for crimes ranging from robbery to assault, and he had spent most of his life in and out of prison. The police lined everybody up against a rock wall as the sun rose.